Mozipo Group provides consumer loans by using efficient technologies




Lithuania, Romania, Denmark, Poland... it's just a beginning of our perfectly managed expansion

We seek quantity through quality.



Moment Credit was founded and developed in Lithuania. Business Management System including unique self-learning Scoring System was created there.


Mozipo Group has started business in Romania and Denmark under Mozipo name.

All business processes were built on Lithuanian model and adapted for local markets.  Our unique Scoring System is learning every time entering new market and analysing new social groups. Based on the collected information automatic assessment of creditworthiness is adjusted and new processes are incorporated.


Launch of Mozipo Poland.

Looking forward

Expansion to 4 more markets is planned in near future.



Mozipo Group owns two brands


Moment Credit brand has been created for Lithuanian market.


MOZIPO brand has been created for new markets and is already implemented in Romania, Denmark and Poland. ; ;



Our customers can conclude loan agreement in the most convenient way created for them


One brain for all markets


Fully automated Mozipo Business Management System


We apply automated solutions in all major workflows.

Fully automated data-driven Business Management System was created in Lithuania by Mozipo IT team and adapted for Romania and Denmark. It lets company to optimize business management expenses and makes it easy to adjust it to any other new markets.


Big data and unique proprietary algorithms


Our unique scoring system is based on at least 50 000 dynamic data points. We have created artificial intelligence based on sociological, mathematical and other scientific methods through self-study in order to make theoretical models, so-called neural networks, to classify data sets and to predict the outcome more accurately every time.

Each customer gets unique scoring result which allows us to offer adapted product to every single customer according to his/her personalized profile and needs.



Mozipo Group is run by the team of 60 proffessionals


Team leaders have more than 15 years of experience in financial service business.


Experienced professional managing team

Mozipo Group managing team has more than 15 years of experience in financial service business.


Dedicated IT developers' department

The leaders of IT developers’ department have more than 15 years of experience in financial service field. They are also the creators of our Business Management System, the foundation of which is unique fully automated self-learning scoring system that developed from the idea of our business.  


Qualified customer service team

Customer Care team is always ready to help and provide professional, high quality service.



Mozipo Group contacts


Mozipo Holding LTD

41, Misaouli & Kavazoglou, 2nd floor, Office 203, 3016 Limassol, Cyprus


Moment Credit Lithuania

Kalvariju 2, Vilnius, Lithuania (find us on map)


Mozipo Denmark

Ørestads Boulevard 73, 2300 København S, Denmark


Mozipo Romania

Calea Moșilor, nr. 21, et. 3, Sector 2, București, Romania


Mozipo Poland

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96, 00-807 Warszawa, Poland